Monthly Fee Chart 

Please note:  when registering online, if you do not see the discounted prices applied to students taking multiple classes as reflected in our fee schedule above, we will manually adjust the fees once you are registered.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact the office immediately and we will help you determine your costs.  

Our teaching staff is always available to help students individually.  If your student would like to schedule a private class please talk directly with your child's instructor to set up a day and time convenient to both you and the instructor.  

Pricing for private work for our recreational students is $25 for a 45 minute class.  

Pricing for individuals not registered as a student at our studio is $50 for a 60 minute class.    

30 minutes                 $40 

45 minutes                 $50

60 minutes                 $60 

1 hr. 15 min                $70

1 hr.  30 min               $80

1 hr.  45 min               $90

2 hours                      $100

2 hr.  15 min               $105

2 hr.  30 min               $110

2 hr.  45 min               $115 

3 hours                      $120 

3 hr.  15 min               $125

3 hr.  30 min               $130 

3 hr.  45 min               $135

4 hours                      $140

4 hr.  15 min               $145  maximum reached

Class fees are based on the amount of class time accumulated by each student.  In order to find your monthly fees look at the chart on the right, add the total amount of classroom time your student attends for one week.  

For example:  Student Jane takes three 45 minute classes which totals to 2 hours and 15 minutes a week.  Her monthly fees would be $105 for 9 hours of dance a month in a four week month.  If her dance day falls on a month with five dance class days we do not charge additional fees. 

These fees are per student not a combination of hours if you have multiple children dancing. 

We do offer a generous family discount to help families with multiple children take advantage of dance education at the recreational level.  Children must live in the same household. 

The first child dances for full price of monthly fees, additional children dance at 10% off their monthly fees. 

​For example:  First child takes one 30 minute class at $40 a month.  Second child takes a 30 minute class at a cost of only $36 (10% deduction applied to regular fees)